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Raya Millenia


Programme IDAEP0520647
Programme TypePerformance
Recommended Size 10 - 2000
Language English, Malay
Programme Format On-site
Cost $1500.00 Per session
Primary Art Form - Sub-Genre Theatre - Physical Theatre, Traditional Malay, Puppetry making & Skills, General Drama skills/Acting
Student Profile Primary Lower, Primary Middle, Primary Upper, Secondary Lower, Secondary Upper, JC/CI, ITE, SPED
Secondary Art Form - Sub-Genre -
Venue (where applicable)


Programme Synopsis Outline: Hari Raya is a yearly celebration of faith and happiness. However, the younger generation may not seem to appreciate or know the meaning behind the word, Hari Raya. The millenials. They are are always stuck to technology. Not a bad thing and not a good thing as well if you are too attached to it. Do you remember back in the "Kampung Days"? The gotong royong? What if all that is forgotten, especially in today's generation? Will the "hantu" / spirits of the past come forth to remind people of what happen in the past? Synopsis: "Raya Millenia” is a story about Riyan’s family. It has been many years that he celebrated Hari Raya with Tok / Nek Sal and his family. Tok / Nek Sal has passed but the spirit of Hari Raya still lives on, even in the digital world. Riyan’s son is so attached to technology that he is becoming distant from his family. One day when he falls asleep… something happens… Content: An audience-interactive performance which we will be getting the students participating in the performance itself, it aims to entertain and educate, but it will also nurture the spirit of hari raya and togetherness. New songs will be introduced. New characters will come forth. Puppeteering will be involved. Highlights: - An interactive performance where the audience will take part. - Given time, students will learn the art of puppeteering from the performance. They will learn the techniques from the performers and assist in the performance in developing the spirit of "bergotong-royong". - Students volunteers will have a hands-on experience of what it is like to be in a performance.
Focus Areas Appreciate Arts & Culture, Acquire Skills & Knowledge, Articulate Thoughts & Ideas
Point of Emphasis Not applicable
Lesson Goal #1 - To learn and understand about Hari Raya and not be too attached to technology.
Lesson Goal #2 - To be connected with people especially with your family instead of to social media and technology that will make you distant.
Lesson Goal #3 - To learn the art of puppetry and physical movement in a performance as an Art form.

Microphone, Audio/Sound System, Visualiser

Microphone (4)

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Funplay Workshop

We provide fun, entertaining and educational performances and programmes. We hope to bring fun and laughter and to inculcate values through theatre, not forgetting the values of education and learning into our programmes. Opportunities for our youths to showcase their creativity will be given.


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