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From Text to Image - An introduction to Visual Poetry


Programme IDAEP0620827
Programme TypeWorkshops
Recommended Size 20 - 40
Language English
Programme Format On-site, Digital, Blended (mix of on-site and digital)
Cost $1040.00 Per session
Primary Art Form - Sub-Genre Visual Arts - Printmaking
Student Profile Secondary Lower, Secondary Upper, JC/CI, ITE
Secondary Art Form - Sub-Genre Literary Arts - Poetry
Venue (where applicable)


Programme Synopsis There is more than one way to tell a story. When written words are translated into visual images, what could a story look like? Co:created with visual artist Mary Bernadette Lee, this workshop aims to expand students’ knowledge of what a visual poem is and explore how text can be visually translated to create deeper meanings. Using simple typography, colour theory exercises and various printmaking processes, students formulate their own ways to produce a series of visual poems that connect with them and their community. This interdisciplinary workshop will bring great satisfaction for students who enjoy image-making and poetry writing.
Focus Areas Acquire Skills & Knowledge, Articulate Thoughts & Ideas
Point of Emphasis Not applicable
Lesson Goal #1 Be exposed to the origins of Visual poems.
Lesson Goal #2 Be able to use text and images effectively to communicate ideas
Lesson Goal #3 Develop an awareness of self and others through the creation of visual poems

Visualiser, Audio/Sound System

For digital/blended format - School will need either a single device that can be logged on to Zoom and projected in class OR students to have their individual devices that can be logged on to Zoom. Both will require stable internet connection.

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Offered by:

CoCreation Workshop

A circle of artists creating experimental art workshops to connect schools, families & communities


Tan Peiling 97775546 peiling@cocreation.sg   Visit provider page

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