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Doodlechamps Assembly Show


Programme IDAEP0620691
Programme TypePerformance
Recommended Size 50 - 2000
Language English
Programme Format On-site, Digital, Blended (mix of on-site and digital)
Cost $900.00 Per hour $900.00 Per session
Primary Art Form - Sub-Genre Visual Arts - Drawing, Comics/Manga/Caricature
Student Profile Primary Lower, Primary Middle, Primary Upper, Secondary Lower, Secondary Upper, JC/CI, ITE, SPED
Secondary Art Form - Sub-Genre - Comics/Manga/Caricature
Venue (where applicable)


Programme Synopsis Doodlechamps is an art assembly show popularised by renowned TV artist Oistein Kristiansen when he was based in Singapore, designed to challenge the audience to be creative and imaginative in their drawings. Doodlechamps has been popular in schools since 2000. Each year, we make some 20-25 Doodlechamps performances in schools, community and corporate functions and at public venues Each performance can cater up to 1,600 students ranging from preschools to primary and secondary schools and tertiary institutions. Drawing styles and themes will vary according to age group. Students will be inspired by our senior artists to draw from random letters, shapes and squiggles. These will be turned into fun drawings of animals or people communicating a story based on a theme selected by the school. There will be live audience participation, on-the-spot doodle challenge for our artists, and even for the volunteers from the audience. Since 2020, schools can opt for the digital version of Doodlechamps!, either pre-recorded or live on video customised to requirements of the school. We will work with the schools to have a doodle challenge competition at the end of the performance where students will be provided a Doodle Challenge designed to inspire them to draw from what they had learnt from the demonstrations. Such doodle challenges have always produced outstanding doodle pieces by the students. For digital option, it will be via zoom or pre-recorded and students will be in their classrooms. For live zoom sessions, we will elicit responses from students through chats and also invite students to share on their classroom cameras what they had drawn.
Focus Areas Acquire Skills & Knowledge, Articulate Thoughts & Ideas
Point of Emphasis Life Skills
Lesson Goal #1 Show students how they can be imaginative and creative with their drawings
Lesson Goal #2 Demonstrate techniques for drawing creative and funny cartoons
Lesson Goal #3 Inspire creative storytelling with art, linked with school values or life skills

Visualiser, Audio/Sound System, Microphone

Projector to connect to our laptop or school to provide a computer for us to show short clips that demonstrates key doodling techniques during the show. Visualizer is optional. If available, works drawn by students in the audience may be selected to

The Tote Board Arts Grant was introduced in 1995 to encourage the development of a vibrant arts culture in schools, and to promote arts appreciation amongst students.

Each year, all MOE schools and ITE Colleges may opt-in to receive the Arts Grant. Schools may use the grant to subsidise the purchase of programmes under the NAC-AEP and for the Artist-in-School Scheme (AISS).

All approved programmes are listed on the NAC-AEP Directory and come with a valid Letter of Eligibility.

To purchase this programme, contact the representative listed on the Programme Detail Page and make contractual arrangements directly with the programme provider.

Please ensure that a valid Letter of Eligibility (LOE) is obtained. Note that MOE procurement guidelines apply.

Payment should be made directly to the programme provider. Claims for the Arts Grant should be made via IFAAS and in accordance to Grant Guidelines.

Programme providers are permitted to make changes to the following aspects of an NAC-AEP, according to the school’s needs:

  • Programme duration, including no. of sessions
  • Cost of programme
  • Class size

Under the above conditions, schools can make claims based on revised programme costs using the same Programme ID listed on the Letter of Eligibility (LOE).

The following changes are not permitted when customising programmes:

  • Changes to content
  • Inclusion of non-approved instructor(s)

Offered by:

360 Education Pte Ltd

Founded in 2009 as a joint venture with renowned TV artist Oistein Kristiansen, 360 Education has been training thousands of students and teachers each year in creative visual art. We are a founding member of BigArt!, an initiative supported by the NAC.


Bihan Hamdali 68489509 enquiry@the360education.com   Visit provider page

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