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An Improv Jam: Speak Good English Lah


Programme IDAEP0520711
Programme TypePerformance
Recommended Size 10 - 1000
Language English
Programme Format On-site
Cost $1800.00 Per session
Primary Art Form - Sub-Genre Theatre - Devising/Improvisation, General Drama skills/Acting
Student Profile Secondary Lower, Secondary Upper, JC/CI, ITE
Secondary Art Form - Sub-Genre -
Venue (where applicable)


Programme Synopsis Improvisation is not just for jazz, rap battles, theatre and comedy. Principles of improvisation can be applied to one’s attitude towards learning and everyday situations. It can help one to cope with uncomfortable situations, creatively offer ideas, gain confidence to explore and approach learning with a fun and positive attitude. In this programme, some students will be invited on stage to participate in improvisational games like Translator and Alphabet Scenes. These lucky students will get the chance to jam with professional improvisers and have a go at applying these principles in practice. They will get to learn how they can utilise these principles in their capacity as students. For example, they can apply the principles of improvisation to practise using the English Language and explore grammar rules.
Focus Areas Appreciate Arts & Culture
Point of Emphasis Not applicable
Lesson Goal #1 Appreciate how to go about learning and practising Standard English Language
Lesson Goal #2 Recall some basic principles of Improvisation

Audio/Sound System, Microphone, Visualiser

Access to the A/V system to connect a MacBook to the school hall's projector and speakers, ideally near a power point. 4 microphones (preferably wireless). 3 chairs and a table.

The Tote Board Arts Grant was introduced in 1995 to encourage the development of a vibrant arts culture in schools, and to promote arts appreciation amongst students.

Each year, all MOE schools and ITE Colleges may opt-in to receive the Arts Grant. Schools may use the grant to subsidise the purchase of programmes under the NAC-AEP and for the Artist-in-School Scheme (AISS).

All approved programmes are listed on the NAC-AEP Directory and come with a valid Letter of Eligibility.

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  • Cost of programme
  • Class size

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  • Inclusion of non-approved instructor(s)

Offered by:

ABA Productions Pte Ltd

ABA Productions is an international theatre production company dedicated to creating and promoting a wide variety of performance styles from all corners of the world. In early 2012 ABA Productions launched the inaugural KidsFest: a three-week festival of world-class theatre for young people.


Lilia Wong 62353582 lilia.wong@aba-productions.com   Visit provider page

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