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I Pinky Promise You, Okay? - Storytelling with Puppets


Programme IDAEP0420523
Programme TypePerformance
Recommended Size 10 - 30
Language English
Programme Format On-site, Digital
Cost $350.00 Per session
Primary Art Form - Sub-Genre Literary Arts - Storytelling, Singlit
Student Profile Preschool
Secondary Art Form - Sub-Genre -
Venue (where applicable)


Programme Synopsis What is the significance of pinky promises? In this interactive storytelling session, arts educator Liew Jia Yi will read The Womps: Pinto's Pinky Promises written by Samantha Han. Meet the Womps (Pinto, So-ya, Kofi and Chick Bee) – a fun and furry bunch of characters who do not always get things right the first time – in the form of puppets! Find out whether Pinto Womp would be able to follow through on all of his verbal promises to his friends. This session aims to explore the meanings of commitment and personal responsibilities together with children.
Focus Areas Articulate Thoughts & Ideas
Point of Emphasis Life Skills
Lesson Goal #1 Students will define what pinky promise means.
Lesson Goal #2 Students will give examples of committing to what they promise they will do.
Lesson Goal #3 Students will express how they feel about the characters' actions.

Microphone, Audio/Sound System

Ample space for children to do warm up exercises 1 chair and 1 short rectangular table/block

The Tote Board Arts Grant was introduced in 1995 to encourage the development of a vibrant arts culture in schools, and to promote arts appreciation amongst students.

Each year, all MOE schools and ITE Colleges may opt-in to receive the Arts Grant. Schools may use the grant to subsidise the purchase of programmes under the NAC-AEP and for the Artist-in-School Scheme (AISS).

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