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Letters Come Alive!

Programme Details

Programme IDAEP0119810
Art Form GenreDance
Programme TypeExposure
Programme Format Digital/Blended, On-site
Language English
Venue School Hall / Stage / Empty performance space + Changing area for performers
Target Audience Pre-school


Programme Synopsis

NEW! DIGITAL FORMAT AVAILABLE TO SCHOOLS This programme is now adapted to: 1. Provide live broadcast of performance on Zoom or school's preferred platform Two dancers begin with a simple game, taking turns to shout the alphabet. They then begin to animate the alphabet - taking on the shape of different letters, sounding out the letters, and forming words together. Movement, rhythm, storytelling and play come together in this whimsical dance show that introduces the building blocks of the English language with playful, upside-down antics.

Microphone / Audio/Sound System

2 hands-free mics / [DIGITAL FORMAT AVAILABLE]

The Tote Board Arts Grant was introduced in 1995 to encourage the development of a vibrant arts culture in schools, and to promote arts appreciation amongst students.

Each year, all MOE schools and ITE Colleges may opt-in to receive the Arts Grant. Schools may use the grant to subsidise the purchase of programmes under the NAC-AEP and for the Artist-in-School Scheme (AISS).

All approved programmes are listed on the NAC-AEP Directory and come with a valid Letter of Eligibility.

To purchase this programme, contact the representative listed on the Programme Detail Page and make contractual arrangements directly with the programme provider.

Please ensure that a valid Letter of Eligibility (LOE) is obtained. Note that MOE procurement guidelines apply.

Payment should be made directly to the programme provider. Claims for the Arts Grant should be made via IFAAS and in accordance to Grant Guidelines.

Programme providers are permitted to make changes to the following aspects of an NAC-AEP, according to the school’s needs:

  • Programme duration, including no. of sessions
  • Cost of programme
  • Class size

Under the above conditions, schools can make claims based on revised programme costs using the same Programme ID listed on the Letter of Eligibility (LOE).

The following changes are not permitted when customising programmes:

  • Changes to content
  • Inclusion of non-approved instructor(s)

Derring-Do Dance Pte Ltd

Rolypoly Family is dedicated to honouring children’s creative genius while supporting the artistic and socio-emotional learning of diverse young children, their families and their communities. Led by dance artists Bernice Lee and Faye Lim.


Faye Lim 96334484 derringdodancesales@gmail.com   Visit provider page

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